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Summer Exchange

Summer ExchangeRivers Service Shelter and Food


Student Session: Age 15 and up  July 12-27 2014   $400

Family Session I: July 18-20    $75 Adult/ $50 Child
Family Session II: July 25-27   $75 Adult/ $50 Child

Some sponsorships available

 For an application click   HERE

Student Session: July 12-27

This July, Sustainability Camp will become Synergia Summer Exchange Program. Since 1997, Synergia has included young people in real building projects that have included the Synergia lodge and bathhouse, three cozy and beautiful cabins, two ropes courses, a sweat lodge, walking trails, and forest parks. Working on building projects together is one of the most satisfying and enjoyable ways to be together and to learn. Your energy and good work will go to creating beautiful long-lasting spaces that others will benefit from for years to come. You will learn useful skills that will serve you in ways you can’t even imagine now. And of course we’ll start the session on the ropes course, and spend the hot afternoons swimming in the Yuba River. 


Thinking about enrolling in Finding the Good next fall or in the future? This is a great way to try it out, live here for while, and get a feel for what we do and what it’s like. 

Two family sessions are offered:

There’s more! We’re really excited about the Family Weekends. For two weekends during the exchange program, families with kids of all ages are invited to come to Synergia to experience first hand the sustainability education center we’ve built here. Come work/play with us: build, learn new games, learn to preserve and ferment foods, challenge yourself on the ropes course, swim in the Yuba River. We’ll cook delicious meals together including produce from our garden and the local Farmer’s Market. And if you come for the first weekend, you can attend the Sierra Storytelling Festival with us – there is nothing else like it. Parents and younger children are always asking us when they can come to Synergia. Now is your chance. Summer in the Sierra foothills is paradise – come be with us!   


75.00/adult and 50.00/children. Please bring an adult with you if you are under 15. 

 Family Session I: July 18-20

Sierra Storytelling Festival as an extra treat this weekend. Cost of ticket additional, unless work exchange at the festival. For more information on the SSF, go to: www.sierrastorytellingfestival.org

Family Session II: July 25-27

We celebrate the close of the program and the students share what they have learned and created!    

 Signing up for either session must be done by application. We can fax or send one to you, or you can download one    HERE  . Applications must include deposit if received by June 1, or full payment if received after June 1. Paypal pmts accepted online.

 Limited sponsorship funds are available for underserved youth. For a tuition discount, introduce a new student to Synergia (full pay) and we will take 10% off of your tuition.
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